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Sieve of Eratosthenes in PHP

As mentioned in my last article, I started doing some challenges from the Programming Praxis website. And here comes my PHP solution to the second challenge.

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RPN Calculator in PHP

I’ve found this nice little blog a couple of days ago called Programming Praxis (it’s in my blogroll as well) which poses a series of programming challenges. The challenges found there are much more interesting than the other usual ones … Continue reading

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Port forwarding with PuTTY

A couple of days ago, while being at home, I had to access a couple of services for testing, that are under normal circumstances only accessible from the companies intranet. While there is a VPN which I can access, my … Continue reading

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Firing HTML events

In all this time doing client side Javascript, I never had the need to fire HTML events, right until this day. It all started with this simple task: intercept a form submission, process it to a custom URL which provides … Continue reading

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