While reading the title you may think of something along the lines of “Data structures in C” with a twist, I have to note that this book is a completely different beast.

The book is a collection of stories from people with different backgrounds; sharing their projects, ideas and reasoning about decisions made when working with data.

Writing a review for this book seems unnaturally hard, almost as hard as trying to read the book in a top to bottom fashion. The book is overly verbose in many topics, and overly simplified in many other. Example of such stories would be chapters like: Seeing yourself in Data, The beautiful people: keeping users in mind when designing data collection methods and Cloud storage design in a PNUTSHELL.

Sure the stories remain interesting, but as a fellow programmer I think they still need a lot of polishing, probably as much as my review.

If you don’t want to get in my situation, where I’ve used a couple of chapters as bedtime stories, I might suggest you the following chapters, in the form of the books best of: Embedded image processing on Mars, Information platforms and the rise of the data scientists, Natural language corpus data and Life in data: the story of DNA.

If I’d recommend this book to a friend? Sure, it has enough diverse chapters that it’s highly unlikely they won’t find something interesting in it.

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