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Firing HTML events

In all this time doing client side Javascript, I never had the need to fire HTML events, right until this day.

It all started with this simple task: intercept a form submission, process it to a custom URL which provides additional data to fill in the form, and afterward submit it to the action provided in the form (without intercepting it the second time). I had gone with the straight forward approach.
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Why I like Prototype?

Lately I have read articles which were comparing, bashing and dissecting multiple Javascript libraries (or framework, but I wouldn’t go that far with their definition). And as each of those articles took a side for their favorite and disregarding the others. I as well would like to show my appreciation to my favorite Javascript library Prototype, and this without bashing the other ones.

So what do I like about Prototype?
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A thing or two about Postfix log analysis

In the last couple of days I had to work on a parser for our email server which uses Postfix; and while it was my first time when I had anything to do with Postfix logs there are a couple of things I’d like to share to the ones that are starting just now with them.

As with often encountered log parsing necessities, the requirements for my task where so distinctive that I couldn’t use any of the Postfix logfile analysis tools it has to offer.

If you are reading this article because you need to parse Postfix log files (and most certainly that is the case), than I would highly recommend to analyze the provided list of tools before moving forward. While parsing logs is not a trivial task, it does take some time before getting it right.
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