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To be honest until recently I never gave much taught on FTPs way of working. Sure I’ve used it for a long time, and tried to minimize it’s use for an even longer period; but sometimes you just get things as granted. Due to some events that took place last week I realized how leaky [...]


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Every once in a while the stars align for one, and only one single purpose; to drive developers in the twilight zone of bug madness. Unlike many other occurrences, this time the problem wasn’t code related, it all happened at the version control level.


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Like many other web developers out there I started developing in PHP somewhere around six years ago (it’s already been that long). In a time when PHP 4 was the king, and the community was producing less than acceptable code in large quantities. It was a time when having a guestbook on your website made [...]


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A couple of days ago, while being at home, I had to access a couple of services for testing, that are under normal circumstances only accessible from the companies intranet. While there is a VPN which I can access, my current internet provider lacks the desired bandwidth for normal work to be done via the [...]


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