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The state of PHP frameworks

Like many other web developers out there I started developing in PHP somewhere around six years ago (it’s already been that long). In a time when PHP 4 was the king, and the community was producing less than acceptable code in large quantities.

It was a time when having a guestbook on your website made you a rock star; a time when PHP development consisted in browsing scripts on hotscripts and hacking them to your needs. A time when development time was primarily focused on trial & error, without all the fanciness you get nowadays with framework and well implemented design patterns.

Even so, it is not a stage of PHP adolescence that I would likely relieve, quite the opposite… I would rather remove it from my memory, eternally and undisputed.
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Hamster applet – probably the best time tracking application

And I could say this in both a regretful and joyful voice.

In the last couple of days I was very eagerly looking for a time tracking application to replace the old pen & paper version, which I used in the last 6 months. There where only few requirements for it: simple interface, intuitive and unobtrusive towards my desktop (but that wasn’t a strict requirement). Along with some common sense features for a time tracker:

  • task tracking (doh!) stop and start timer
  • continue and pause task
  • time reports day, week and month
  • overviews of most time consuming tasks, or other features that make you feel warm and fuzzy

Of course before deciding on a single application I did test quite a few alternatives.
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