HTML5 – Up and running by Mark Pilgrim

Or as I would rather call the book HTML5 – Up and running away from the madness.

Seriously, if one thing this book taught me; and taught me well is the fact that frontend web development is a mess (no surprise there) and will be even more messier in the years to follow. And all this dirt is publicly exposed in the first chapter of the book.

As I was reading further I was taught other honorific decisions that where made without any prior consent, or common goal. Was also taught how quirky HTML parsing  can be, and how people are afraid of markup strictness.

While on my first draft off the review I was tempted to say this book is recommended for people who are just starting out with HTML5 and related technologies (like myself) I can’t say that no more. In fact the book provides the means by which somebody could actually develop sanely HTML5 based applications. All the fallbacks and pitfalls would be far more agonizing if they weren’t well documented in a book like HTML5 – Up and running.

While HTML5 and the related technologies are still a work in progress, I really do feel that the book is needed, especially when dealing with picky customers, which very rapidly request the hyped material. Just try to remember the case with XHTML.

The book is able to deliver the promised material and will indeed help you get HTML5 up and running… if you are keen on accepting the challenge.

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