Myths of Innovation by Scott Berkun

Amusing, captivating, inspiring and motivational – those would be the words I’d use to describe the book for anyone asking.

The book is so well rounded that I couldn’t complain of any of it’s chapters. While I skimmed the chapters: How to pitch an idea and How to stay motivated; I can say that all the other chapters are packed with interesting ideas, side stories and busted myths.

Another aspect I liked very much in the book was the very precise way the information was collected and referenced. Basically you could take any chapter, look out some reference and expand your knowledge on the given subject. Go further than the book offers, because that is the means of innovation.

There is no Eureka, falling apple or instant success. It’s all years of hard work, and the book is there to higher your morale, make you feel good about the change you can make.

A great book for any person open enough to innovation. That is the single criteria the author deems, the rest is irrelevant because (as to my surprise) the book is not technical.

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