Search Patterns: Design for Discovery

Last month I have bought the book Search Patterns: Design for Discovery by Peter Morville and Jeffrey Callender and today I’m here to share some words about it.

The book does not have any insight on how to build search boxes, implement searches or what technology to use; instead it helps you discover how, why and where people search. It is a book that is both inspirational and eye opener. The book goes through the most common problems users bump into when searching, filtering, navigating and ways these problems can be solved, or are solved currently to a level of degree.

The examples in the book are based on real world examples, and while they show good practices (and in most cases Amazon is presented as the most serious UX provider) by various websites and mobile applications, in a follow up edition (if any) I think Thunderbird 3 would merit it’s place in there, given the way the developers have improved it’s searching interface.

Bottom line: it is a book I would recommend to anybody who uses the internet.

The patterns, diagrams and the first chapter as well can be found the books official website.

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